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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - WEBOUNCER Cybersecurity

General questions


How does SHADOWKEY work?

You will receive your customized SHADOWKEY
–SHADOWKEY works offline and does not require a connection to the Internet.
–You set the key.
–SHADOWKEY also offers text to word encryption to pass through any firewall etc.

How much does SHADOWKEY cost?

–The single version costs €20.
–The double version costs €30.
–The group version (up to 4 users) costs €199
–The premium version (individually adapted algorithm for 4 users) costs €499
–The Platinium version (individually adapted algorithm for 10 users) 1399€

What devices does SHADOWKEY work on?

All devices that can display websites.
–iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs
–Laptops, PCs
–Linux, Windows, MacOS etc.


text to text encryption
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