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Welcome to Shadowkey – your key to secure communication

Discover the future of encryption technology

At KraLos we are proud to introduce you to our newest product: Shadowkey, the innovative encryption tool that takes your texts and files to a new level of security.
What makes Shadowkey unique?
  • Strong and versatile: Shadowkey offers robust encryption for texts and files of all kinds. Whether it's confidential messages, documents or sensitive data - Shadowkey protects everything.
  • User-friendly: Our intuitive interface makes encryption easier than ever. With just a few clicks you can send your content securely and free from unauthorized access.
  • Encryption: With Shadowkey you enjoy the luxury of encryption working offline, so only YOU have full control.
  • Combination of text and file encryption: Whether you want to send confidential messages or share important files, Shadowkey gives you complete control over your encrypted information.
  • Anonymous communication SHADOWKEY puts your privacy first. Enjoy anonymous communication without sacrificing the convenience of modern tools and without being connected to the Internet.