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Book a lecture on cybersecurity with WEBOUNCER experts!

Expand your knowledge, strengthen your security

Do you want to keep your team, employees or community up to date on the latest developments in cybersecurity? Book an inspiring and informative lecture with our WEBOUNCER experts now!

Topics of the lecture can include:

  1. Cyber threats over time: Find out how threats evolve and how WEBOUNCER responds to them.
  2. Web Application Security Best Practices: Gain insight into best practices to protect your web applications from the latest attacks.
  3. WEBOUNCER's Role in Your Security Strategy: Discover how WEBOUNCER can play a key role in strengthening your cybersecurity defenses.
Experience live on site how HACKER works!

Our presentations "live" through information and practice, let yourself be transported into the world of cybersecurity and experience live how hackers proceed. We will show you the weak points of WAFs and offer an absolute ​revolutionary Product as an alternative.

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Scanner V1.1

With our scanner we do not show you what a pentest does, we show you the often unnoticed vulnerabilities, see how an Imperva Incupsula WAF gives away your data with the simplest means.

Ransomwareinator V1

Our in-house developed Ransomwareinator helps you to understand how quickly your web application or mobile device is infected.

live hacking - always an exciting thing!

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Lively lectures!

Our presentations don't just contain the "gray theory"! We talk about risks in the area of web applications
and show live on site how hackers act, manipulate and thus lure you into the the ransomware trap.

We will also show you how you and your company
can protect.

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On-site active

Christian Greiwe and Kevin Sweeney present our on-site scanner, which shows you what information your web application can reveal without much effort!

Discretion is our top priority. On request, you will receive the result as a PDF document by e-mail.

Information at first hand!

Our motto is to act, not react.

Our scan puts you in a position to act before it's too late. Create a DEMO of your web application on site and see how quickly it can be done!

Enrich your team with knowledge and action skills –
Book a lecture with our WEBOUNCER experts today!

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