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It is important to emphasize that the purpose of the scanner is to identify security problems so that they can be fixed. They should only be used on systems and applications for which you are authorized to perform security tests. Improper use of vulnerability scanners can have legal consequences. Ethics and legality should always come first when using such tools.

A vulnerability scanner for web applications is an automated security tool designed to identify potential vulnerabilities and security holes in web applications. Such scanners play an important role in website security testing by attempting to uncover vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

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You can use the scanner once per day free of charge. From 03/15/2024 the free use will be restricted and you will no longer see all results.
To be able to use the scanner to its full extent from 01/15/2024, a license* is required.

  • 1 User Basic* - 9.99€ pcm
  • 5 User Pro* - 19.99€  pcm
  • 10 User Pre* - 49.99€ pcm
  • 50 User Ult* - 99.99€ pcm

*The licenses are user-related and cannot be transferred.

Features and Pricing

Features basic pro premium Ultimate
Pricing *9.99€ pcm
*19.99€ pcm
49.99€ pcm
*99.99€ pcm
User 1 5 10 50
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* Annual billing