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Maximum security for your web applications.

Your digital presence, protected by WEBOUNCER. At KraLos, we understand that the security of your web applications is a top priority. WEBOUNCER, our advanced cybersecurity solution, sets the standard in defending against online threats and offers you comprehensive protection in real time.
  1. Proactive threat detection
  2. Intelligent anomaly detection
  3. Integrated analysis
  4. More robust than any web application firewall
  5. User-friendly interface
  6. Real-time protection
  7. AI protection against counterfeiting
  8. Stops ad tracking
  9. GDPR compliant
  10. Developed in Germany

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems. 43% of all websites use it.

The extension is possible at any time thanks to many plugins. The eCommerce plugin Woocomerce is
often just as popular and can be installed quickly and set up just as quickly thanks to a good explanation.

But beware, due to its popularity, WordPress is also a lucrative target for attacks!
You can quickly find starting points to get into the system.

*Scan your website/shop or blog for weak points now
and we will be happy to discuss the results with you.

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*The scanner can be used one time for free!

Features and Pricing

We offer special conditions for clubs, associations and ​Web agencies.

Price per month (annual billing plus VAT)  from 20€ from 79€ from 199€ Customized
(incl. Dashboard)
(6 month free)
Source-Server incl.
Target-Server incl.
root access
root access
Backend secured
Premium Support
 DDoS mitigates
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Secure yourself now with WEBOUNCER - your trusted partner for cybersecurity.

WEBOUNCER's intuitive user interface allows for easy configuration and monitoring of your visitors.

WEBOUNCER offers more than a WAF to protect your web applications from OWASP’s top 10 threats, zero-day attacks and more.

With our integrated AI, your web application becomes counterfeit-proof.

Your Data

Safe and inaccessible to hackers, hidden in the digital world.

Through advanced algorithms, WEBOUNCER identifies unusual activity and stops potential attacks before they can cause any damage.

Experience WEBOUNCER in action – start the demo now!

Discover the future of cybersecurity for web applications

At KraLos we believe in transparent security solutions. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to experience WEBOUNCER, our groundbreaking cybersecurity solution for web applications, in a free, limited demo.

What awaits you in the demo:

Realistic scenarios: See how WEBOUNCER works in realistic threat scenarios and protects your web application.

User guidance from our experts: Our cybersecurity experts will guide you through WEBOUNCER's features and show you how easy it is to secure your digital legacy.

Live Discussion: Ask your questions directly to our experts and learn more about how WEBOUNCER can be tailored specifically to the needs of your web applications.

Ready to see WEBOUNCER in action?

Sign up for our live DEMO and learn how WEBOUNCER can protect your business from the latest cyber threats.
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Don't miss the chance to experience the future of cybersecurity - with WEBOUNCER, your reliable partner in digital security.